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Pond Equipment and Pumps – Important to a Cleaner Pond

If you own a pond, you need to remember that it needs regular maintenance so that the inhabitants will remain happy and healthy. Both filtration and regular spot cleans are standard requirements for your pond but don’t forget that it also requires at least once every spring of a pond clean out.

By simply doing a full clean out of your pond, the environment it has will reset. You must remove the muck buildup, repair the fixtures and attend to the plants on your pond so as to ensure that the inhabitants there will stay healthy and happy.

You may consider pond clean out to be an overwhelming work since you will have to exert more time and effort for it, but it’s actually not. With the help of this article, pond clean out becomes easier.

The first step is for you to prepare your holding tank properly. The purpose of your holding tank is to place your fish while you do your cleaning. Don’t forget that the size of your tanks will also depend on how big your fishes are. Once you have prepared the holding tank and placed in a cool shaded place just near your pond, you can already pump water the pond into your holding tank. You don’t have to fill the tank fully as long as your fishes are already comfortable with the level of water inside the tank.

You must also consider using a pump sock that will help your pond pump from preventing the suck up of large debris or even blocking it. This will also prevent from sucking up your fish. Even though large fishes don’t go near pond pumps, there will still be instances of accidents thus, a pump sock is a must.

If you plan on your catching your fishes, the secret to this is to catch it once the water level goes down to one foot. The reason for this is that your fish will have limited area to hide and it is easier for you to catch them. But of course, fish nets must be used gently.

Using of hose can be a good idea but if you really want to have a thorough cleaning of your pond and remove the muck, the power wash is the most effective tool.

Don’t forget that you should also check on the lighting and your plants of your ponds and to do so, ensure that the pond is drained. It will be easier to spot an overgrown plant if the pond is drained. Also, this will be your opportunity to check on the entire low areas of your pond if there’s any sign of damages and other problems.

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