What Do Arboriculture Tree Services Do?

Arboriculture refers to the cultivation and management of trees. It can involve techniques like training, pest control, fertilization, and pruning, but the majority of modern tree services focus primarily on tree planting, trimming, and removal. Read on to find out why the help of a dedicated arborist can benefit property owners who are interested in maintaining a healthy landscape.

Tree Planting

Choosing the right trees for a particular yard can be more of a challenge than most homeowners realize. It involves taking everything from the climate zone to how much space will be available to accommodate the new trees’ root structures into account and choosing a species that will be both easy to maintain and a benefit to the rest of the landscape. Of course, customers often have input as to what types of trees they’d like to see planted, but ultimately, they should entrust someone with dedicated experience with making the final decision.

Tree Trimming

Trees often require the removal of dead or damaged branches if they are to remain healthy and strong. However, the health of the tree itself isn’t the only concern when it comes to deciding whether or not it’s time for a trim. Arborists know when it’s appropriate to remove branches in order to allow more light to the plants beneath the trees and how to tell whether a growing branch will eventually cause problems for surrounding structures, power lines, or other plants. If it is performed correctly, tree trimming can actually help to prolong the life of the tree in addition to protecting nearby structures and improving appearance.

Tree Removal

The removal of a beloved tree is often a sad occasion, but it’s sometimes necessary. If a tree has succumbed to pests or disease, it will only pass these potentially serious problems along to other plants if it is not removed. Plus, trees that are growing in the way of power lines or too close to houses and outbuildings could wind up posing a threat to human inhabitants if they are not adequately maintained; the end result is often that calling Arboriculture Tree Services for removal of the damaged or inconveniently placed tree is the only option.